David worship feat petersongs-Owner of my heart

 David worship is a born akwa Ibomite,a gospel songs writer, a keyboardist,a psalmist, and a gospel comedian. David worship is a student of the ABRSM,true lover of God's presence .David worship is from the DVI (Dunamis voice international) Mpape central church and a member of the team grace music crew, he has min Emma /Abel Dave as his mentor always looking forward to father in the lords in person of Dr Paul Eneche and lovers of His presence like pastor Nathaniel bassey, Travis Greene etc.
 Until your heart belongs to Jesus this Song will completely be empty of the purpose God brought it your way please don't hesitate to say this prayer now.. Lord Jesus I have realised that you are the best lover of all please come into my heart now be my lord and Savior thank you for only your love will manage my heart for me... Enjoy the climate of his presence on this Tune thanks for allowing Jesus to take over your heart... Don't allow any mortal man to remote control your heart henceforth