[Free Download] Seyi Senuga – O F’AKOYO


About the song “O F’AKOYO”

Not everyone have the courage to testify to the goodness of God in the congregation of His people. And when you notice one particular person who is always full of gratitude for every little and big miracle received, acknowledging the goodness of God and ascribing the glory to Him; some other people may see this as a sign of show off, shakara or flexing. Seeing the testifier as someone who always wants to let people know what God has done again, and again.

O F’AKOYO means “Reason for Show Off”.

Has God done anything, I mean anything at all for you, ever before? Then, you have a reason to testify to his goodness.

Never be intimidated by the crowd or the numerous number of the congregation. They are your cloud of witnesses!

Join Seyi Senuga on this journey of praise and gratitude to the only One who never disappoint. Our boast is in the Lord, the Lifter up of our heads.

Let me hear you shout Gloryyyyy!!!!! 💃💃💃

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